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CIA May Be Regarded Around World as a Rogue Elephant, But Operatives Can Still Churn Out Books that Make Themselves Look Like Heroes

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The end of the world as we know it
“Over the past few decades, many of the ideas of the far left have found new homes on the right. Lenin believed that it was in conditions of catastrophic upheaval that humanity advances most rapidly, and the idea that economic progress can be achieved through the devastation of entire societies has been a key part of the neo-liberal cult of the free market.”
So from which side of the political aisle, right or left, does Creeping Socialism actually, really arise?

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The Racket: A Rogue Reporter vs the Masters of the Universe by Matt Kennard review – a global capitalist conspiracy?

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“Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents,” Says Ben Affleck


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— “After Faddis retired from the CIA, he published And Magazine, a news and conspiracy newsletter. He is a political operative and former US Senate Candidate in Maryland, now organizing statewide coalitions in Pennsylvania to spread disinformation about 2020 election conspiracies. Faddis organizes a coalition of self-described Patriot groups in Pennsylvania.”
So completely opposite to CIA Whistleblowers like Phil Agee and John Stockwell, obviously a right-wing political tool

Why the CIA No Longer Works—and How to Fix It — Charles S. Faddis
— totally off the mark, if you can even call it analysis

Church Committee

Church Committee | Wikipedia

'The Last Honest Man' profiles the senator who exposed the CIA's crimes and cover-ups

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The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World
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Eighteen Years Ago Today, Journalist Gary Webb Was Murdered After Exposing CIA Drug Trafficking
— “Robert Parry, the founder of Consortium News, wrote that Webb’s death marked “an exclamation point” on a “sorry era of journalism that began with the rise of Ronald Reagan and saw the gradual retreat—under right-wing fire—of what had once been Washington’s Watergate/Pentagon Papers watchdog press corps.”

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Art imitating life, or life imitating art?

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Ex-CIA Agent: It is unbelievable how much people share with you, if you just ask questions
According to Andrew Bustamante, reality has little to do with what we see in spy movies

Andrew Bustamante

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[ CIA Spy on Mind Games, World War 3, China, Russia and the New World Super Power CIA Spy On World War 3's Timeline & How It Might Happen | YouTube
World War 3, Money Laundering, and The Next Superpower

Cooption of US Government

Current state of the American judicial system: convicting people on conjecture alone, not even on circumstantial evidence —
Former CIA Officer Joshua Schulte Faces as Many as 80 Years in Prison After Being Convicted For Providing Information to WikiLeaks
Prosecutors had literally no evidence that Schulte had taken the data from the CIA and transferred it to WikiLeaks.
But they contended that he was a computer genius who is so brilliant that he was able to cover his tracks.
They alleged that he leaked the information because he was a disgruntled former CIA employee who hated his boss, couldn’t get along with his coworkers, and sought revenge against the Agency.
That was enough for the jury....
The CIA leadership apparently thought the leak was so damaging that then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo ordered the Agency to come up with a plan to  kidnap or to kill Julian Assange in London.

WikiLeaks Vault 7 explained

Barack Obama’s Father Identified as CIA Asset in U.S. Drive to “Recolonize” Africa During Early Days of the Cold War
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Did the CIA Subvert the 1968 U.S. Presidential Election?

Did the CIA Create the 1968 Liberty City Riot? — “Florida’s State Attorney said it was too much of a coincidence that the riot broke out at the same time that “Tricky Dick” was making his nomination speech stressing a law and order theme”
   1. The major issue in the 1968 U.S. presidential election was the Vietnam War.
   2. CIA involvement in the 1968 presidential election.
   3. Urban riots between 1964 and 1969.
   4. The 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach.
   5. The Nixon-Rockefeller contest at the Convention.
   6. Candidates’ positions on Black urban riots.
   7. On August 7 the Liberty City riot began and the Convention voted.
   8. The riot escalated in mid-afternoon.
   9. Questions about what triggered the riot.
   10. The riot escalated further on Wednesday evening.
   11. Media reporting on the riot Wednesday afternoon and evening.
   12. Voting Wednesday evening at the Convention.
   13. The riot continued on Thursday and Friday.
   14. The riot and the Convention.
   16. The Miami Report’s conclusions on what caused the riot.
   17. The Miami Report’s account of how the riot began.
   18. Problems with the Miami Report’s account of how the riot began.
   19. Who wrote the Miami Report?
   20. Who were Louis Hector and Paul Helliwell?
   21. The import of the Miami Report’s account of the riot.
   22. The impact of the Liberty City riot.


Was the CIA Behind the Jonestown Massacre? 18 Nov 2022
“Jonestown I think was an extension of MK-ULTRA from the CIA and there are probably other experiments going on.”
— Colonel James Bo Gritz, legendary Special Forces operative who trained Special Forces that went into Jonestown after the massacre
...Jones was a CIA agent involved in a mind control project coordinated by one of the U.S. Army’s top chemical warfare specialists, Dr. Laurence Layton. Rather than a mass suicide, most of the parishioners were murdered—it appears in order to coverup the true purpose of Jonestown and Jones’s own connection to the CIA.
Leo J. Ryan (D-CA), one of the CIA’s foremost congressional critics who sponsored legislation attempting to reign it in, was lured to Jonestown to investigate it and then shot to death along with four members of his entourage (Temple defector Patricia Parks, and reporters Greg Robinson, Don Harris and Bob Brown) on an airstrip by armed men who looked like “zombies.”
Ryan was the first and only U.S. congressman killed in the line of duty.
He was killed with untraceable dum-dum bullets by a giant man wearing military fatigues who was not from Jonestown. Outlawed by the Geneva convention, the dum-dum bullets, which shatter upon impact, had been issued by the CIA for use in anti-Castro exile raids on Cuba and in the JFK assassination....
While providing a home for 1960s idealists, the People’s Temple took on cult-like qualities. Jones was a master manipulator who was characterized by one of his landladies back in Indiana as a “gangster who used a Bible instead of a gun.”...
Jones’s purpose was to channel the activist energies of the radical 1960s movements into his cult and discredit those ideals; and to use Jonestown as a cover for CIA training programs and unethical medical experiments....
Guyana was important strategically to the U.S. because of its economic resources—especially bauxite—and because the U.S. had an Air Force base acquired from the British; Atkinson field, where Air Force officers carried out photo-mapping of the entire region. 
[This is straight out of Dr. Burke's educational television programs. SeeAlbert E. Burke, especially “Cuba: Battle of America”]
On October 21, 1961, the Guyana Graphic published a photo of Jones and his family over the headline: “Church Blamed in Reds Rise.” In the article that followed, Jones was quoted giving anticommunist speeches in which he blamed the affluent Guyanese clergy for bleeding the wealth from the people which made communism appear attractive to them.
The article served to help attract the anti-communist faction to a new hero, Jim Jones, whose assignment was to organize and aid their cause.
Jones proceeded to recruit and train a group of Black Guyanese rowdies who were to incite race riots and labor strikes intended to cripple Jagan’s government. Michael Meiers wrote:
“With his rainbow family and doctrine of racial integration, Jones had the perfect disguise for his work as an instigator of race riots. His People’s Temple provided the necessary missionary cover as well as an excellent conduit to filter money from the U.S. to the Guyanese rebels.
Anonymous donations, given to his Indianapolis church, were forwarded to Jones who distributed the money as he saw fit to finance the planned civil disturbance. He told his Indianapolis congregation that his purpose in South America was to feed the poor.”
Jones’s immediate supervisor in the coup was CIA agent Richard Welch, who...introduced Jones to the CIA’s candidate [in Guyana], Forbes Burnham, an Afro-Caribbean, upon his arrival in Georgetown.
In February 1962, Jones’s rebels began their reign of terror by inciting race riots and labor strikes. They burned down cinemas and restaurants owned by East Indians, and attacked pro-Jagan politicians. Jagan was forced to declare a state of emergency and call in British troops to quell the disturbance, which marked the beginning of the end of his administration.
CIA dissident Philip Agee wrote in Inside the Company: A CIA Diary that Burnham’s election as Prime Minister in December 1964 was achieved largely due to CIA operations to strengthen the anti-Jagan trade unions, which fomented the riots and “removed the fear that Jagan would turn British Guiana into another Cuba.”
Burnham ruled Guyana until his death in 1985. While posing as a leader of the Third World’s opposition to capitalist imperialism, he authorized the physical surveillance and wiretapping of his political opponents and the division of Guyana along racial lines. In a June 1966 speech at the University of West Indies, Cheddi Jagan accused Burnham of being a “stooge of Uncle Sam,” who “cut deals with Washington with the result that Guyana is now a creature of Uncle Sam.”...
The corruption in Burnham’s regime was evident in the fact that his wife and Deputy Prime Minister, Ptolomy Reid, were among the first on the scene of the Jonestown massacre and returned with nearly $1 million in cash, gold and jewelry taken from the buildings and dead.
[SeeMad World, Gold, Capitalism]
Jones’s relationship with Burnham appears to have been a key reason that the People’s Temple moved to Guyana. The two men were extremely close and Burnham even visited Jones in California, though this was kept secret.
Burnham welcomed the establishment of Jonestown because the People’s Temple’s wealth would help ease Guyana’s critical balance of payments problem and would develop resource-rich but untapped hinterlands, which the government had been trying to do unsuccessfully for years.
According to Michael Meiers, the project was quite successful in the production of cassava and establishment of a sawmill that cut lumber. The U.S. State Department increased aid to Guyana from $500,000 to $31.5 million in the last year of Jonestown, a 6,300% increase—which suited Burnham’s interests very well.
Leo Ryan’s aide Joe Holsinger presented evidence to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in February 1980 that the CIA sustained a covert operation in Guyana that included covert support for Jim Jones as an ally of Forbes Burnham
Specifically, the People’s Temple provided funds to the Burnham group and acted as a terrorist organization to intimidate opponents of the Burnham regime.....
Holsinger noted that the Burham regime was particularly valued because it was cooperative with U.S. commercial interests in Guyana and policy of the U.S. State Department in promoting the exportation of natural resources from Guyana....
After his stint in Guyana in the 1960s, Jones moved to Belo Horizonte, the home of CIA headquarters in Brazil, to begin the second half of his South American mission.
Jones’s assignment was to funnel money and advice to the dissident right-wing faction of the Brazilian military and to assure them that, after their planned coup d’etat, the U.S. government would recognize and aid their new regime....
Jonestown’s original purpose was to serve as a self-sustaining agricultural mission and refuge for troublesome members of the Temple. However, an ulterior motive was apparent in the use of the land to establish a training camp for mercenaries headed by Phil Blakey, a Briton from a wealthy family in Northumberland....
CIA agent Frank Terpil admitted to a BBC interviewer that he supplied mercenaries and arms to the early stages of Jonestown in the mid-1970s, when the jungle camp was used as a CIA training center....
The reason Jonestown was used was because Henry Kissinger had given the CIA orders to arm rebel groups in Angola; however, the CIA was subject to new legislation initially proposed by Congressman Leo Ryan that required the Agency to account for all money spent for covert operations after congressional approval. Before congressional authorization could be obtained, a covert program was needed and the Agency could not use its Cubans because they had green cards and could be traced in the U.S.
According to Michael Meiers, CIA case officers in Brazil transported mercenary recruits to the Brazilian coast where Phil Blakey would pick them up in the Temple’s ship for a two or three-day trip up the Waini River, Port Kaituma, and on to the Shalom project at Jonestown.
Blakey, who became one of Jones’ top lieutenants, apparently managed the whole program like a business. Under his command there were 100 or 200 Special Forces advisers—some of whom were on the People’s Temple Security staff—and the Brazilian mercenaries helped clear the jungle as part of their basic training.
To preserve the Agency’s cover, two camps were established. Blakey’s was the main camp—where the land was cleared; this would become the core of Jonestown. The second camp was an even more primitive outpost where the actual jungle training took place.
Blakey’s training camp required ultra-sophisticated weapons and explosives not commercially available to the general public. It is widely acknowledged that Deborah Layton Blakey, as the People’s Temple financial secretary, appropriated the money to purchase arms for her husband’s project....
Jones is supposed to be remembered as a psychopathic communist whose drug-induced paranoia triggered the mass suicide of his followers.
In the last six months before the massacre, Jones went out of his way to give the impression he was a communist....
However, this was all a ruse intended to associate Jonestown in the popular mind with left-wing communist governments in order to discredit them and the left in the U.S. For 25 years, Jones was a registered Republican. His politics, Michael Meiers wrote, were those of the son of a midwestern, Bible Belt marshal and KKK member. Tellingly, he had a close relationship with the head of the John Birch Society in California.
According to Richard Helms, Operation MK-ULTRA, a CIA program originating in the early 1950s that tested drugs on unwitting human guinea pigs in the attempt to develop mind control and behavioral modification techniques, was terminated in 1974.
It is believed, however, that rather than actually discontinuing MK-ULTRA, the CIA shifted it from public institutions in the late 1970s to private cult groups including the People’s Temple. This was the thesis of a paper entitled “The Penal Colony” written by a Berkeley psychologist thought to be Richard Ofshes.
During the 1960s and 1970s, Jones received treatment at the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco. The nation’s leading center for brain research, Langley Porter was known for experiments it conducted on behalf of the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). While much of that research is classified, the Institute experimented with electromagnetic effects and behavioral modification techniques involving a wide variety of stimuli—including hypnosis.
Through Langley Porter, Jones appears to have been involved with the CIA’s mind-control/behavioral modification programs that carried on the legacy of MK-ULTRA.
In Brazil, Jones had studied the magical rites of Macumba and Umbanda and the works of David Miranda, who conducted a study of extrasensory perception that was also of interest to the CIA in connection with the MK-ULTRA program. So, also, were the “mass conversion” techniques at which Jones’s Pentecostal training had made him an expert.
From the beginning of his career, Jones had surrounded himself with a variety of animals including dogs and monkeys—which were mascots for his preliminary experiments in behavior modification. These helped him to develop his tremendous power to manipulate people—which the CIA took interest in....
Jonestown provided the ideal isolation for medical experiments. The camp medical staff under Dr. Lawrence Shacht, who was known to perform painful suturing without anesthetics, administered drugs and kept daily medical records, which mysteriously all disappeared after the massacre....
The first outsiders to reach the Jonestown medical clinic after the massacre found enough drugs to supply the average U.S. city for more than a year. Predominant in the stock were hypnotic drugs like Pentothal and Nembutal as well as Thorazine, which is used to alter the violent behavior of mental patients and was used in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA experiments.
Researcher John Judge compared Jonestown to a “tightly run concentration camp, complete with medical and psychiatric experimentation.”
The medical staff at Georgetown numbered 70. Most were psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral scientists, therapists, and pharmacologists, though there was one doctor, Larry Schacht, who was known for first recording a medical diagnosis of AIDS.
The Soviets had accused the U.S. government of creating the AIDS virus at Fort Detrick in Maryland as a biological weapon.[101] Residents in Jonestown reported being ill with severe diarrhea and high fevers—a symptom of AIDS.[102] So perhaps they were involved in some kind of experiment that helped spread the disease.
Visitors to Jonestown noted that residents there looked like they had been drugged and were robot-like. Drugs were allegedly administered in the food at mealtime in small doses and in cookies that were made in Jonestown’s experimental and herbal kitchen.[103]
According to Michael Meiers, research at Jonestown was being carried out not only on mind-control drugs but also into ethnic disease, notably sickle cell anemia, which affected Blacks. The next phase of work may have been to develop mind-control drugs or weapons that would affect only Blacks and Native Americans. This included an anti-tuberculosis drug that could cause nerve damage in persons of Egyptian and Jewish descent but not other groups....

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