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Sputnik Mania

Sputnik Mania Trailer | YouTube
1957 America. Some Say This Time Was Paradise. | YouTube
The Story Of The Sputnik Moment | YouTube
Sputnik ManiaThe Fever of '57
Sputnik Mania
Rockin’ Satellite: David Hoffman’s Sputnik Mania
Sputnik Mania | The Hollywood Reporter
Sputnik Mania (2007) – Documentary Retroview




David Hoffman | YouTube Channel

I Get OK Boomer On Many Of My Clips - My Thoughts

Old American Culture
He Gave This Beautiful Speech In 1888!
Describes Her Life BEFORE 1900! How Different Was The USA Back Then?
Pennsylvania Farmer Couple Says How They Lived in the 1920s (recorded in 1979)
She Says Her American Farm Land Loved & Protected Her Family
American Cowboys Were The Real Thing. Sit Back & Hear Spike's Horse Story

Old Man Jimmy Doolittle Describes His Crazy WW2 Doolittle Raid. A Patriotic Story Well Told
Why Did America Create The Nuclear Family After World War II?
They Showed This To High School Kids In 1948! Would They Allow This Today?
Were The 1950s An Easier Time Than Today? You Decide!
Who Are The Baby Boomers & Where Did They Come From?
1950s - What The Baby Boomers Experienced
Baby Boomers Are Getting Old. Hear How They Saw Their Youth
Did Baby Boomer Individualism Help Or Hurt America?
Most Americans Were Proud Of Capitalism In The 1950s
1950s TV Pushed Viewers To Become Consumers
In The 1950s Americans Loved The Cars That We Bulit
Classic 1950s Couple Describe How Great It Was
Would You Like To Be A California High School Student In The 1950s. It's So... Perfect!
Want To FEEL The 1950s? My Favorite Storyteller Takes You Back
Revealing Film Shows 1950s Teenagers Talking. They Sound So Weird Today
This Is One Thing That Everyone Watched In The 1950s
This Man Was Obsessed By His 1950s Suburban Upbringing
Everyone Fit Into Their Defined Roles In The 1950s
What The Word NORMAL Meant In The 1950s
America's Housing Prices Like The 1950s With Adult Children Living At Home
Sputnik Terrified Americans
Terrified Americans After Sputnik (1957) Launched. What They Said On NYC Streets
1957 America. Some Call This Time PARADISE. Do You See It That Way?
1958 - A Great Year To Be In High School. So Many Advantages. What Caused Them?
How Many Americans Remember Surviving This In 1958?
How They Taught Teen Boys About Their Private Parts in 1958. Would Schools Teach This Today?
Hear Why This 1950s Catholic Girl Rebelled
Many Baby Boomers Felt The 1950s Was Stultifying & Provoked Them To Rebel In The 1960s
1950s TV Sitcoms Provoked The 60s Generation
What They Thought Caused Kids To Became Criminals In The 1950s
1950s Filmmaker Presents A Sad View Of His Parents' Lives
I Hated 1950s High School Physical Education. Here's Why.
Were The 1950s A Great Time To Grow Up? And What About College In The 1960s? His Stories Sound Crazy

Making Sense Of The Sixties
When Was America At It's Wealthiest? The 1960s!
1960s Teens Felt Money Is Not The Definition of Success
These Teenage Baby Boomers DIDN'T Rebel In The '60s. They Were Rich & Privileged
They Never Forgot The 1960s
Spoiled Baby Boom Middle-Class American Kids. What They Did In The 1960s As A Result
Watch This Guy React To 1960s Memes
Baby Boomers Share What Provoked The 1960s To Begin?
Brilliant '60s Radical Says How They Failed & Why They Failed
This Former Activist Rethinks The 1960s In 1990
Did Rock & Roll Provoke Free Love & Sexual Promiscuity In The 1960s?
Selling/Manipulating 1960s Women Consumers. "The Women Won't Buy It"
The Most Hated American Woman In The 1960s. Hear Her Speak On TV.
1960s American Adventurers Touched Every Country In The World
The 1960s Was A Reaction To The '50s "Silent Generation"
Watch How The MSM Presented The 1966 Anti War Protest In New York City
Amazing 1968 Primetime TV Presents Outrageous Hippies
Love Or Hate Hippies From The 1960s Here Is The Best Documentary To Understand Them
Americans Were Furious In 1968
Young Christians Tried To Ease The Anger in 1968. This Film Beautifully Presents That Effort
This One Moment Ended The 1960s For Americans

1969 - When Gays First Fought Back Against Police Brutality
1970. Christians Crusade On America's College Campuses
Was Age A Sin In 1970? Is It Today? Amazing Documentary Tells It Like It Is (Or Was)
How They Sold Us Home Video Recorders In 1970. Do You Remember The Pitch?

Young Marines Reveal Where They Came From. It Was A Cold In Their Tent
1980 Documentary Predicts The Information Age

Her Parents Never Told Her Anything About "White People"
The 1950s Inner-city Black Communities Were Strong
A Segregated America Stunk If You Were Black In The 1950s
What Happened When Black Men Went To 1950s Cowboy Movies?
Her Family Were Racists. She Reveals What They Were So Afraid Of
Does One Race Or Nationality Produce More Criminals? This Was On National TV In 1958
Expert Describes Black Family Life In The 1960s
Author Claude Brown Was Just Fascinating To Listen To in 1965
Amateur 1968 Documentary Tells This Black Man's Story
1969 Race Debate On Prime-time TV. Police Vs The Community
He Describes How Much Better Things Are For Black Americans

Corporate America
Walt Disney Accused Workers Of Being Commies When They Tried To Unionize His Company
Is Your Job Boring? This 1960s Auto Worker Says His Boring Job Was Killing Him
He Spoke Out About His Job. Big Corporate Fired Him In The 1960s. Same As Today?
1995: Here's How The Big Boys Sold Companies On The World Wide Web
This Is How Crazy The Stock Market Was In 1995

Politics & Government
Hitler Stunk As A Military Leader. Germans Who Were There Describe It
Why So Many Call Adolf Hitler Evil. Made For High School Students
German Experts Reveal Why Germans Followed Hitler & How They Felt About It What Led A President To Create Social Security For All
1950s Liberals Stood Against Communists & Right Wingers
Liberal Journalist Admits That The Democratic Party Once Supported Segregation
Republicans Used Hollywood To Help Elect Dwight Eisenhower
Anti-Communism Helped Republicans Win In 1952
Powerful John Kennedy TV Comment Draws Millions. Does This Affect You Today?
When Kennedy Was Shot - Some American Cheered
He Says It Was Watergate That Stopped The Vietnam War
Seeing Barry Goldwater's 1964 Speech Helps To Understand Republican Conservatives Today
When Liberals Lost Their Connection To The Working Class
Liberals Lost Their Connection To The Working Class After Kennedy
This 55 Yr Old Republican Rally Looks Like Today
This 1960s Centrist Had A Hard Time - Could Be About Today
What Can We Do To Cross The Partisan Divide?

The Early Days of Computer Shopping: A 1994 Betacam SP Video

Information Overload. Kissinger Predicted It Would Become Worse

This Rat Got Cocaine. Seeing This Is Why I Didn't Try It. What Do You Think?

Some Of The Worst TV Ads Ever Made - Try Not To Laugh

Russian Propaganda Told The World They Were Superior. America Pushed Back

How Come People Who Predict The Future Are So Wrong

Experience How This Thing Scared BeJesus Out Of America

This Is Not Another 9/11. It's A SPUTNIK MOMENT!

Be kind. Statistics Show You'll live Longer. Plus Kindness Improves All Your Relationships

A Time When Workers Really Cared About What They Produced

How The US Government Sold Us On The Suburbs

Comic Harry Anderson Explains The Internet In 1995!

Top Fashion Models Share How They Really Feel Behind The Scenes

35 Years A Maximum Security Guard Made Him Cynical

This Is When America Ruled The World - Not Long Ago

Those Against Materialism Take Note - It's Not A New Idea

My TV Commercial Won Every Award In The Industry

Real Slaves Speak To Us from the 1930s. Could This Be Played In Schools Today?