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U.S. Military Compared to the Rest of the World


Geography and History Render the U.S. the Most Defensible Country in the World—Indeed It Spends Far More Than Any Other Country On Its Military Nov 17, 2023

U.S. Military Spending vs Other Top Countries

The Trillion Dollar Silencer
— The military’s deep penetration into all aspects of American life has hampered the development of a strong anti-war movement—at a time when it is desperately needed.

U.S. Military Bases Abroad, 2020
— In 2020, the United States controlled around 800 bases outside the 50 U.S. states and Washington, DC. Map reflects bases’ relative number and positioning given best available data. For ease of comparison we use contemporary borders and a Mercator projection.

War Resisters League
— The United States’ oldest secular pacifist organization, the War Resisters League has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923. Our work for nonviolent revolution has spanned decades and been shaped by the new visions and strategies of each generation’s peacemakers.

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

Why Does U.S. Navy Allow Officers to Commit Gory Murders and Other Atrocities with Impunity?

Filipinos Don’t Want Their Country to Be Used As a “Launching Pad” for a U.S. War Against China or Any Other Country

Ted Hall | Wikipedia
Is History Repeating Itself? And Who Will Be Today’s Ted Hall? An Interview with the Director of “A Compassionate Spy”
Steve James’ ‘A Compassionate Spy,’ about a UChicago physicist who leaked nuclear secrets to the Soviets, premieres at Venice and Telluride
A Compassionate Spy: Official clip [Venice] 2022 | YouTube

Protests on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Raise Hopes For Revitalization of Antiwar Movement

EATR – A steam-powered, biomass-eating military robot for Pentagon


THE TRILLION DOLLAR SILENCER: Why There Is So Little Anti-War Protest in the United States

Veterans for Peace

National Priorities Project: A project of the Institute for Policy Studies

Finally, A School that Teaches Kids to Protest War and Support Peace


Who‘s Afraid of Alice Miller?
— “War and persecution live on in the descendants of victims and cause great suffering every day, and that is the subject of this film. Severe war trauma lasts longer than one lifetime. It is passed on to the next generations. Although Martin was born in the safety of Switzerland in 1950, the abyss of the Holocaust continues to wreak havoc within him today.”

Orthodox Christian Perspectives on War
Peace and War in the Eastern Orthodox Church
Just war | OrthodoxWiki

Messing With the Merchants of Death
— “The United Nations reports that we now have the highest number of violent conflicts since World War II. Against that backdrop, we have little anti-war action world-wide.”

The profiteers of war: Companies fueling the Israeli assault on Gaza
— Unveiling the corporate gears of war: A comprehensive look at the companies behind Israel's devastating military campaign in Gaza.
Gaza’s tragic toll: Over 20,000 dead amidst starvation and war
— In the shadow of conflict: exploring the dire human cost of war in Gaza.

I was opposed to World War II, and indeed on June 22, 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union I suddenly found myself the lone supporter of peace since everybody else had, because of their communist beliefs, shifted over to become supporters of the war.
— Douglass North

If there is no sufficient reason for war, the war party will make war on one pretext, then invent another... after the war is on.
— Robert M. La Folette

When people speak to you about a preventive war, you tell them to go and fight it. After my experience, I have come to hate war. War settles nothing.
— Dwight David Eisenhower

In this world, which is so plainly the antechamber of another, there are no happy men. The true division of humanity is between those who live in light and those who live in darkness. Our aim must be to diminish the number of the latter and increase the number of the former.
— Victor Hugo

James Nachtwey

James_Nachtwey | Wikipedia

AZ Quotes

Frontline war photographer James Nachtwey: Capturing conflict, heroism, history

In a way, if an individual assumes the risk of placing himself in the middle of a war to communicate to the rest of the world what’s happening, he’s trying to negotiate for peace. Perhaps that’s the reason for those in charge of perpetuating the war do not like to have photographers around.
— James Nachtwey