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Peter Levenda does not think the Deep State is a bunch of men smoking cigars in a back room plotting global rule, but is the effect of what he calls The Phenomenon, which points to something more deeply sinister, something immaterial and spiritual, to the Evil One and his minions whose inspiration (temptations) will eventually give rise to The Beast himself.
Conspiracy theories have run rampant over time, but what such theorists overlook is that no one human or human group is in complete control (not the New World Order, United Nations, Bildeburgers, Freemasons, nor Zionists, Terrorists, etc.). That a bunch of fat, rich, cigar smoking white men could be so organized as to control the world gives too much credit to human hubris. Any and all conspirators are but mere puppets of the Evil One (ha-satan). It is ha-satan and he alone who has concocted The Conspiracy (The Phenomenon) against God and His Creation, especially humanity. Any and all "conspiracies" are nothing but small wheels in ha-satan's big Cog, The Machine. It is ha-satan who runs The Phenomenon, The Conspiracy Show, but it is God who is ultimately in control, who has already defeated ha-satan, his powers and principalities, and is only waiting for the final curtain after the Fat Lady sings. Spiritual and physical battles inspired by ha-satan will continue to wage on, even though he's already lost the war, until the ultimate war (Armageddon) threatens to destroy the Earth.
Paul Kingsnorth refers to The Thing manifested in contemporary times as The Machine, which he thinks is assimilating us to itself (like the Borg of Star Trek).
William Cobbett coined the term “The Thing” for the British System that gave rise to the horrors of Industrialism, which is the basis of Kingsnorth's The Machine.
The American Way (The System of Organized crime, or Deep State) is the specific, proper name for The Machine, which came to supercede The Thing.
In relation to The Phenomenon, The American Way (The System of Organized crime, The Machine, or Deep State) functions by way of Amoral (Immoral) Economy which is none other than the Whore of Babylon who rides The Beast until it manifests itself in human form as the ultimate global totalitarian.
Ultimate manifestation of The Beast has been aided in modern times by The System of Organized crime (The American Way) from its initial inception after the Civil War (as evidenced by Grant Administration scandals, The Gilded Age, Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression), and by further corruption of The System following World War II with Nazis and more elements of The Occult than already existed in The American Way of life.

SeeCivil War (aka Second American Revolution), The Occult, Organized crime, The Beast

Why is Everything Broken? — Edward Curten
I think it would be a serious mistake to dismiss the demonic nature of the forces at work in our world today.

Peter Levenda

Peter Levenda
Peter Levenda | Wikipedia
Peter Levenda on the Hidden Controllers of Humanity

Peter Levenda: Are “They” Weaponizing Consciousness?
Peter’s three-volume SINISTER FORCES: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, wherein the roots of coincidence and conspiracy in American politics, crime, and culture are examined and new connections between religion, political conspiracy, and occultism are exposed....
The AOCC [American Orthodox Catholic Church] was an anti-communist front operation run by a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, who was made a bishop by some very strange individuals, one of whom was the head of the Rosicrucian Society in America....
[Dr.] Stuart Hameroff and [Sir] Roger Penrose were trying to figure out where consciousness came from, and if consciousness is somehow a quantum effect. They believe they found the connecting link, which are these tiny, tiny tubes in the brain, and their chemical reactions are at the Planck level, where quantum effects take place. And they believe that consciousness is a quantum function.
Now they were giving speeches to the military establishment on the possible weaponization of these processes. ...They thought they kind of learned how to do it themselves [to create effects like ESP or telekinesis or anything like this]. This runs parallel to [studies] in the 1950s about weaponizing the paranormal, thinking that you could possibly use this in a military application.
The reason I got into this and was writing SINISTER FORCES was because I was stunned by the degree to which there was a military and intelligence dimension to [what we discussed – magick and mysticism and secret societies]. If you study what happened with [the CIA’s mind control projects] Operation Bluebird, Artichoke, MKULTRA, you realize there was a really deliberate attempt to understand how consciousness itself was structured and how it could be weaponized, or how we could defend consciousness against its weaponization by other people.
That’s the connective tissue to, in my mind, American history, at least, of the 20th Century, now going into the 21st. As you know, I wrote about [Maurice] Maeterlinck’s play THE BLUE BIRD extensively because the whole play is laying it out. It’s kind of an initiatory process. It’s like a Masonic initiation, the entire play.
He also wrote a couple of others that are very revealing. THE CLOUD THAT LIFTED, for instance, is about an assassination. And it’s the assassination of a king. The king is shot at from a grassy knoll. The guy who does the shooting is called Alec, which was Lee Harvey Oswald’s nickname in the Soviet Union. And in the play, they’re not sure if Alec was working for Russia or not. And that was a play that was written before Jack Kennedy was even born. The whole scenario is laid out there.

Sekret Machines: Gods | Wikipedia
Peter Levenda described Gods as "a new approach to religion that takes a hard look at religious texts and ideas from around the world to discern the traces of an event that changed us forever."

The event that Levenda thinks changed humanity forever, was contact by alien beings to which humanity reacted and became a "Cargo cult", attempting ever since to imitate the more advanced beings that had been encountered. Lavenda initially spent many years investigating the occult and wrote his first volume of the occult basis of National Socialism (aka Nazism) — Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult.
He is most convincing when he elaborates on the occult roots of western European civilzation that infected America as well (Freemasonry, Mormonism, etc.), and culminated in Nazism, which was financially supported by American industrial magnates and then absorbed into the American political establishment via Cold War reactionism. Such influence can perhaps account for much of the poltical evil that transpired in the latter half of the 20th century (post WWII) and continues to transpire in the 21st. But when Lavenda tries to make deeper sense of that, he draws connections to Sumerian polytheism and Gnostic dualism, and writes off Judaism and Christianity as just several more traumatic reactions to an original alien encounter without considering the uniqueness of either.

Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft · Book 1: The Nine | Google Books 
The roots of coincidence and conspiracy in American politics, crime, and culture are examined in this first volume of a three-part set, exposing new connections between religion, political conspiracy, and occultism. Based on the premise that there is a satanic undercurrent to American affairs, this study examines the sinister forces at work throughout history, from ancient American civilizations and the mysterious mound-builder culture to the Salem witch trials, the birth of Mormonism during a ritual of ceremonial magic by Joseph Smith Jr., and Operations Paperclip and Bluebird. Not a work of speculative history, this expos is founded on primary source material and historical documents. Fascinating details are revealed, including the bizarre world of wandering bishops who appear throughout the Kennedy assassinations; a CIA mind-control program run amok in the United States and Canada; a famous American spiritual leader who had ties to Lee Harvey Oswald in the weeks and months leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy; and the Manson secret.

Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft · Book 2: A Warm Gun
Not a work of speculative history, this expos is founded on primary source material and historical documents and provides strange parallels between supernatural forces such as shaminism, ritual magic, and cult practices and contemporary interrogation techniques such as those used by the CIA under the general rubric of MK-ULTRA. Fascinating details on Nixon and the Dark Tower, the Assassin cult and more recent Islamic terrorism, and the bizarre themes that run through American history from its discovery by Columbus to the political assassinations of the 1960s are revealed.

Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft · Book 3: The Manson Secret | Google Books
Readers are presented with detailed insight into how Charlie Manson became a national bogeyman as well as startling connections between Nobel Prize-winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli, Carl Jung, and synchronicity; serial killers, multiple personality disorder, and demonic possession; and magic, surrealism, and mind control. Not a work of speculative history, this third volume of a three-part set is founded on primary source material and historical documents. Fascinating secrets are divulged involving Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe, David Lynch, and Jane Fonda as well as links between the Cotton Club murders, the Bluegrass conspiracy, and the Son of Sam cult.