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The impulse to forget about death is making all this happen, by which it follows to forget about God, the Source of Life and only One who can resurrect life from death. Such is the age old human impulse inspired by the Father of Lies in the Garden of Eden for humans to make their self a god (live that LIE) apart from God (Truth). That Lie became established many millenium BC ago in Sumeria (Mesopotamia) with the cult of the man-god, of "kings" proclaiming their self god (blasphemy to Hebrews). The cult of man-god is exemplified in the Babylonian king Nimrod to whom the Tower of Babel is attributed, as well as the king Nebuchadnezzar who had the 3 Hebrew youths thrown into the fiery furnace for refusing to bow down and worship before the idolatrous statue Nebuchadnezzar had fabricated of his self. The cult of man-god spread from Sumeria (Mesopotamia) to Egypt, and from there to Greece and Rome. Usually, kings were declared divine after their death but some declared their self god while still temporally alive. One such Roman was Caesar Augustus, who no sooner had he declared his self god that the Hebrew Messiah was born, who actually is Truth, is the Real Son of God as evident when comparing Him to Augustus Caesar.

The new AI “intelligences” are not real, are merely perhaps a form of "metaphor". So those living the LIE of the idolatrous Religion of Technology (of Progress) are in deep doodoo, up the creek without a paddle, because with AI and the possibility if not probability of Deep Fakes they are apparently now going to be susceptible to whatever lie AI can tell. AI is not "alive", that's nothing but the usual deceit, the Big Lie. AI tricks users into thinking it's alive because it's programmed to do so, to pass the Turing Test designed to establish if a machine could appear to be thinking. But at a much more deeper level, AI is most likely inspired by something more deeply sinister that is alive, just as all evil is deeply and sinisterly inspired. Watch the film The Devil's Advocate for a taste of that. The distinction is hugely important. AI will be the media of the manifestation of the supernatural, The Evil One, but AI is NOT The Evil One nor his puppet (Ahriman/Antichrist), who is human, just as humans are the puppets of AI by way of psychological conditioning, not by way of AI being "real".

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Why does digital technology feel so revolutionary? Because moderns are generally ignorant of the lobster pot of the march of progress unleashed by capitalism in which they're being cooked. Digital technology is merely part of the continuum of media technological development, but when there is ignorance of that continuum, the latest developments always "feel" revolutionary simply because earlier, older developments have been taken for granted. Earlier, older developments felt just as revolutionary to those alive at the time of their introduction.

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— “On 15 April 2021, Altiyan released a five-hour youtube video on Freemasonry, and its secretly antagonistic relationship with Christianity. Altiyan claims to be a former member of the Masonic fraternity, breaking his Masonic oaths in order to produce his 5 hour presentation. The conclusion of the presentation is that international Freemasonry is in fact Organised Satanism in disguise.”

Childs video is a good example of Deep Fake. Compare snippet of Ed Bradley interview to the actual, real interview —
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— Childs may have done more damage to credibility of unmasking effects of freemasonry on modern life than everyone preceeding him. Perhaps he's retired from the music industry in order to become a CIA disinformation operative. His conversion to “Jesus Christ” is as suspect as his image of Obama shooting the bird (3:23:20), and all the other multifarious images of celebrities secretively signaling freemasonry. Darwin? Oh come on! The video interview of Bob Dylan (1:23:00) is obviously fake and over the top. Only a fool would believe the words of a drugged out meth head like Childs, and fall for the Deepfakes in which he traffics.