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Assassinations are indicative of government corruption that is usually thought of as occurring in communist totalitarian states or the so called third world, not in the “democratic” “free” first world, much less in its leading superpower the USA. That poltical assassinations occur in the USA indicates that it is just as corrupt as many other parts of the world, and what's worse, is two faced about it, always pretending to be the world's savior, the white knight in the white hat on the white horse — “freedom”, “liberty”, “democracy”, blah, blah, blah.

Political Assassinations | Covert Action Media
Assassination Archives

The Parallax View (1974 film) | Wikipedia — Trailer]


SeeJFK Assassination


Was LBJ a “Serial Killer” Who Advanced His Career By Murdering at Least 6 Other Men Who Stood In His Way? Feb 6, 2023
60 Years After JFK’s Death It Is More and More Apparent that Kennedy Was a Victim of a Palace Coup—Spearheaded by Vice-President Johnson Nov 22, 2023
— “Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden said recently that, on June 29, 1961, at 7 p.m., he witnessed a volcanic argument between Johnson and the Kennedys (JFK and RFK) in the White House Oval Office in which LBJ told Kennedy: “Are you bastards trying to send me to prison about some goddamn cotton!…You bastards had better stop fucking with me you motherfuckers.”
Bolden reported to Secret Service Director Urbanus Baughman that Lyndon Johnson was a security threat to the life of John Kennedy....
According to Doyle Whitehead, a steward on Air Force One, Johnson and his entourage had the gall to celebrate on the plane ride back to Washington [from Dallas following the JFK assassination]. Whitehead said that “Johnson was a heavy drinker [and] drank about half a fifth of Cutty Sark [Scotch whiskey] on the flight back. They were laughing and talking about ‘what we gon’ do now.’ They were so loud we had to shut the door so Jackie wouldn’t hear them.””

The world would have been a better place if Lyndon Johnson never existed.
— Evelyn Lincoln, JFK’s Secretary

A Texan looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power


Did J. Edgar Hoover Order the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr? Jan 16, 2023


Vince Foster

With the Clinton Brand Now Discredited, Its High Time to Reopen the Investigation into the Death of Vince Foster Jan 5, 2022

Malcolm X

Was Malcolm X Betrayed By an African American CIA Agent Posing as a Mozambican Freedom Fighter? Feb 21, 2023

Hunter S. “Gonzo” Thompson

Did Legendary “Gonzo” Journalist Hunter Thompson Frighten Those in the Deep State So Much, He Had to Be Taken Out? Feb 25, 2023

Gary Devore

CIA’s Hollywood Liaison May Be Behind Disappearance of Hollywood Screenwriter Who Knew Too Much

The Writer with No Hands - Matthew Alford | Amazon
The Writer with No Hands | Wikipedia
The Writer With No Hands (Crime Documentary) | YouTube

Danny Casolaro

Inslaw | Wikipedia

Danny Casolaro | Wikipedia
— “Richard Fricker writes in Wired that Casolaro had been led into a “Bermuda Triangle of spooks, guns, drugs and organized crime.””

The INSLAW Octopus | Wired
Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action: Just another decade at the Department of Justice
— “According to Casolaro, Inslaw was only part of a greater story of how intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice and even the mob had subverted the government and its various functions for their own profit.”

The Sixth Eye & The Promis Software Affair — Peter Osborne
What Is Truth?
— Gene Wheaton - Only independent media will expose the truth.
“The covert operations subculture and the pyramid system of it is difficult for the average citizen to understand. This stuff goes back to the scandals of the 70s ... of Watergate and Richard Helms, the CIA director, being convicted by Congress of lying to Congress, of Ted Shackley and Tom Clines and Dick Secord and a group of them being forced into retirment as a result of the scandal over Edmond P. Wilson's training of Libyan terrorists in conjunction with these guys, and moving C-4 explosives to Libya.
Ted Shackley and Vernon Walters and Frank Carlucci and Ving West and a group of these guys used to have park-bench meetings in the late 70s in McClean, Virginia so nobody could overhear their conversations.
They basically said, “With our expertise at placing dictators in power, why don‘t we treat the United States like the world‘s biggest banana republic and take it over?”
And the first thing they had to do was to get their man in the White House, and that was George H W Bush.”

The Sixth Eye — Peter Osborne
The Sixth Eye — The Promis Software Affair | YouTube
The Sixth Eye - The Inslaw Affair (Current Affair TV Program 1991) | YouTube

Covert Action Magazine
Declassified Documents Call Into Question Official Washington Narrative of Danny Casolaro’s Death June 17, 2018
CIA Adapts Database Software Called PROMIS with Back Door for Cyber-espionage Feb 23, 2021
The Octopus Lives: How Danny Casolaro’s “Suicide” Foreshadowed Our Current Dystopia Oct 10, 2021
New House Judiciary Select Subcommittee Should Pursue the Unfinished Business of the September 1992 Inslaw Affair Investigation Jun 16, 2023
Son of Slain Journalist Who Exposed Web of CIA Corruption Calling For New Murder Investigation Sep 4, 2023