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The American Way (The System of Organized Crime, or Deep State) is the specific, proper name for The Machine, which came to supercede The Thing.
William Cobbett coined the term “The Thing” for the British System that gave rise to the horrors of Industrialism, which is the basis of Kingsnorth's The Machine.
Paul Kingsnorth refers to The Thing manifested in contemporary times as The Machine, which he thinks is assimilating us to itself (like The Borg of Star Trek).
Peter Levenda does not think The Deep State is a bunch of men smoking cigars in a back room, but is the effect of what he calls The Phenomenon, which points to something more deeply sinister, something immaterial and spiritual, to the Evil One and his minions whose inspiration (temptations) will eventually give rise to The Beast himself.
Conspiracy theories have run rampant over time, but what such theorists overlook is that no one human or human group is in complete control (not the New World Order, United Nations, Bildeburgers, Freemasons, nor Zionists, Terrorists, etc.). That a bunch of fat, rich, cigar smoking white men could be so organized as to control the world gives too much credit to human hubris. Any and all conspirators are but mere puppets of the Evil One (ha-satan). It is ha-satan and he alone who has concocted The Conspiracy (The Phenomenon) against God and His Creation, especially humanity. Any and all "conspiracies" are nothing but small wheels in ha-satan's big Cog, The Machine. It is ha-satan who runs The Phenomenon, The Conspiracy Show, but it is God who is ultimately in control, who has already defeated ha-satan, his powers and principalities, and is only waiting for the final curtain after the Fat Lady sings. Spiritual and physical battles inspired by ha-satan will continue to wage on, even though he's already lost the war, until the ultimate war (Armageddon) threatens to destroy the Earth.
In relation to The Phenomenon, The American Way (The System of Organized Crime, The Machine, or Deep State) functions by way of Amoral (Immoral) Economy which is none other than the Whore of Babylon who rides The Beast until it manifests itself in human form as the ultimate global totalitarian.
Ultimate manifestation of The Beast has been aided in modern times by The System of Organized Crime (The American Way) from its initial inception after the Civil War (as evidenced by Grant Administration scandals, The Gilded Age, Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression), and by further corruption of The System following World War II with Nazis and more elements of The Occult than already existed in The American Way of life.

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Ukraine: The CIA’s 75-year-old Proxy
Beyond Ukraine lies the vast territory of Russia and untold wealth of energy, strategic minerals, and other resources that call out to a globally expansionist and militarist corporate capitalist system like the U.S.

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— “The American System was an economic plan that played an important role in American policy during the first half of the 19th century, rooted in the "American School (economics)" ideas of Alexander Hamilton.”

Now, we're all having to live in Hamilton's wet dream of America the world's “superpower”.

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— “Today, the great divide in American politics isn’t between right and left. The underlying contest is between a small minority who have gained power over the system, and the vast majority who have little or none.
Forget politics as you’ve come to see it — as contests between Democrats and Republicans.
The real divide is between democracy and oligarchy....
Our system, it turns out, does practice one form of socialism — socialism for the rich. Everyone else is subject to harsh capitalism.
Socialism for the rich means people at the top are not held accountable. Harsh capitalism for the many, means most Americans are at risk for events over which they have no control, and have no safety nets to catch them if they fall
Among those who are particularly complicit in rigging the system are the CEOs of America’s corporate behemoths.
Take Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, whose net worth is $1.4 billion. He comes as close as anyone to embodying the American system as it functions today....
The oligarchy has triumphed because no one has paid attention to the system as a whole – to the shifts from stakeholder to shareholder capitalism, from strong unions to giant corporations with few labor protections, and from regulated to unchecked finance....
The way to overcome oligarchy is for the rest of us to join together and form a multiracial, multiethnic coalition of working-class, poor and middle-class Americans fighting for democracy.
This agenda is neither “right” nor “left.” It is the bedrock for everything America must do

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— “In the United States, the term typically references the two party system, which are oftentimes seen as similar to each other in regards to their anti labor practices, unflinchingly pro-federal policy, and vehement defense of corporate interests. It also harkens back to the original coinage of the term in 1955, referencing the intricate power and reach held within the matrix of corrupt connections between corporations, said politicians, government agencies,...”

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— “(November 9, 1910 – January 3, 1977) was an American historian and theorist of the evolution of civilizations...
states that an Anglo-American banking elite have worked together for centuries to spread certain values globally.”

The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank of International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.
— Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time


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America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History — John Loftus
Publisher's Forward —
Well, now I am past 60, and absolutely amazed at what goes on in our beloved country. The levels of corruption and the methods of manipulation are outrageous. We are getting played – left, right, and center. Over forty years of research can be crystallized to reveal the means of hidden control: a leviathan of three levels with three parts to each level.
The top level is Mining-Metals-Money. This operation (which includes all our major mineral resources, but especially the metals gold and silver, used in wealth quantification) is held very tight-to-the-vest and its true dimensions, methods and transactions do not garner much discussion because they are seldom exposed. It holds the reins on all the rest.
The middle section, Drugs-Guns-Oil, gets a bit more interesting. Its basic function is to funnel or direct the money and control, i.e. power. A shadowy world where ends justify means, chiefly war.
At the bottom is the level I call Media-Movies-“Magic.” This is where the hooves hit the road, where the beast gets its traction and the capacity to manipulate perception – keeping us all ignorant about the true reality of the world – and to game us unmercifully. “Magic” consists of psychological warfare, meme warfare, groupthink and a myriad of other covert ways to manipulate and coerce us. “Magic” is the ability to hoodwink. Movies are a very important part of our cultural landscape and they have an immense impact on society’s norms, moods, values and cultural narratives.... For that reason, they are highly controlled.
 — Kris Millegan, TrineDay September 22, 2010 
Introduction —
[How We Got Where We Are Today: After the Bolsheviks and the National Socialists (Nazis) were used up for all that could be bilked through them, the One Percent (legacy of the Robber Barons) turned to their 3rd creation, the fascist Saudi Wahabbists (Moslem Brotherhood) who continue today as the One Percent tool for rapacious, warmongering, selfish enrichment.]
At the end of the 1800s [The Gilded Age], some of America’s wealthiest families had pooled their money to form aggressively brutal monopolies, cartels and other price fixing schemes. Their perfidious and predatory practices earned them the nickname “the Robber Barons of Wall Street.” There were some Democrats like the Harriman family (and later the Kennedys), but most of the Robber Barons were unabashedly Republicans. The Rockefeller, Dupont, Bush and Walker families were just a few.
I have always said that neither JFK nor George W. Bush should be blamed because their parents or grandparents invested in Hitler. What many people do not realize is that Joseph Kennedy bought his Nazi-era stock through Prescott Bush. They traveled by ship to Germany together before the war.
Teddy Roosevelt, arguably the most honest of the Republican Presidents, was the only one in the GOP who tried to bring the Robber barons to their knees. He persuaded Congress to pass extremely strict anti-trust, anti-cartel, and anti-monopoly legislation. In 1918, the Robber Barons fought back, and somehow convinced Congress to pass the Webb-Pomerene Act. This little-known loophole law permitted the creation of American trusts, monopolies, etc., as long as it was done overseas. Because of this loophole law, investment capital left America in a great flood, one of the contributing causes of the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.
During the 1920s three countries were targeted for takeover by the Robber Barons: Germany, Russia and what is now known as Saudi Arabia. The tactics were the same: American cartels bribed their way into friendly governments and then protected their investments by hiring local mercenaries – paid terrorist groups who watched over their interests.
In Saudi Arabia, the terrorists for hire were known as the Ikhwan al Muslimeen, the Muslim Brothers, or more colloquially, the Muslim Brotherhood. The Robber Barons armed this group of fanatical Wahhabists, who drove the peaceful Hashemite rulers out of Mecca and Medina and installed the House of Saud. The Saudis named the country after themselves, created an oil company with their American investors (Aramco), and then promptly threw the Ikhwan terrorists out of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were not stupid after all.
The Ikhwan settled primarily in Egypt, where they joined the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood created by Hassan Al Banna in 1928. He was a devout admirer of and correspondent with young Adolf Hitler. “In heaven Allah, on earth Hitler” was their battle cry. Hassan’s Muslim Brotherhood became a fully-integrated arm of the German intelligence and propaganda networks during WWII. They specialized in acts of terrorism and assassinations of Allied troops, promising German General Erwin Rommel that he would not find a single Allied soldier left alive when he arrived in Cairo.
The Arab Nazis remain the only segment of the Third Reich that was never punished or even dismantled. After the war, the British Secret Service hired the Ikwahn terrorists, and used them as a fifth column in an attempt to destroy the infant state of Israel in 1948. When Gamal Nasser and the leftists took over Egypt, they banned this huge army of Arab Nazis now numbering nearly three quarters of a million strong. In the 1950s the same Robber Barons who helped fund and create the original Saudi Ikwahn, convinced their Saudi partners to take them back. The Saudis gladly accepted the Nazi refugees from the Egyptian Ikwahn and gave them citizenship.
At least the Egyptian Nazis were literate. The Saudis used the Muslim Brotherhood as school teachers. It was a perfect storm of Nazi racism and Wahhabbi bigotry. A perfect storm was rising in America as well. When Eisenhower was elected, one of the Robber Baron’s lawyers, Allen Dulles, former head of OPC [Office of Policy Coordination], became head of CIA. His brother, John Foster Dulles, became Eisenhower’s Secretary of State. Between them the trickle of Nazi immigration to America became a flood.
The Dulles brothers sold the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups to the ever-gullible Eisenhower as a counterweight to the Arab Communists. It was a tragic error. History records the Muslim Brotherhood as the parent organization of every subsequent Sunni terrorist group from Hamas to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Mohammed Qutb, the brother of the chief Nazi propagandist, was the personal tutor of young Osama bin Laden. Although Congress and the CIA did not know it, the roots of the 9/11 tragedy began in the Eisenhower administration.
Shortly before Allen Dulles was fired by President Kennedy, he had already brought the first leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to America. In 1963, Ibrahim Yazdi founded the Moslem Students Association in Houston, Texas, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Yazdi worked with Richard Cottam, a CIA operative in the 1953 OPC team under John Waller and Kermit Roosevelt that overthrew Iraq’s Mossadeq; Yazdi organized campus chapters for the Muslim Brotherhood all over the US during the ’70s, but prohibited protests against the Shah. Then he showed up in Paris standing next to Moosavi Khomeini, the “instant” leader of the so-called Islamic Revolution against the Shah. The machinations of the Muslim Brotherhood gained the Dulles Brothers one decade of Iranian oil profits, but left America with three decades of fanatical Islamic opponents.
The last time the Robber Barons took the Arab Nazis out of the closet was in the early 1980s, when the Muslim Brotherhood was reinforced in America to recruit the second generation of Arab fascists to fight as Mujahideen in Afghanistan [against the Soviet Russians]. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, the Spiritual Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and head recruiter of the Mujahideen movement, was Osama bin Laden’s religious mentor. The CIA, of course, was kept of out the loop as Vice President Bush funneled money through the Saudi and Pakistani governments to put the Ikwahn terrorists back on the payroll.
To this day, the US Government is the only major power not to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. In fact, the State Department still spends our taxpayer dollars to fund a propaganda effort to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as “reformed” and “moderates” with whom we can do business. The hard truth is that our businessmen have been dealing with them all along, both in Egypt and Iran.
The second major terrorist group the Robber Barons hired was the infant Nazi party of Germany. Here the US Justice Department played a critical role. The Attorney General of the United States worked as a “bagman for the Dulles brothers,” passing out bribes at the Versailles Peace Conference. The terms of the treaty suited only the Robber Barons. The onerous war reparations had to be paid in gold, which the Robber Barons would be happy to lend to Germany in return for German corporate stock. The Rockefeller family, JP Morgan and the Dupont family all gorged themselves on German investments between the wars.
The German currency might have been almost worthless, but German stock was priceless. By the 1930s, Germany had achieved a near-monopoly on high- tech industries, particularly in chemical processes. In fact, the Dusseldorf Patent Conference of 1939 was planned to formalize the Robber Barons domination of world markets through patent cartels. Since Germany allowed, indeed encouraged, cartels, it made the Robber Barons feel quite at home. Hitler and his Nazi party were funded to keep the unions and Communists at bay: just a dog on a leash, or so they thought. His finance minister, Hjalmar Schacht, had been born in Brooklyn and knew how the game was played on Wall Street.
Herbert Walker, grandfather to President George Herbert Walker Bush, brought in the Brown Brothers investment firm from Britain to team up with the Harrimans and the Rockefellers. Brown Brothers Harriman had so many corrupt ties to the Nazi regime that it became the only bank in New York State history ever to obtain permission to shred its wartime and prewar files. It certainly had the influence to pull this off – two of its Nazi investment clients, Nelson Rockefeller and Averell Harriman, had become Governors of New York. Walker’s drunken [like “W”] son-in-law, Prescott Bush, was given a seat on the board of several of the Nazi front companies and served as director of the Union Bank in New York, which secretly corresponded with its sister banks in Amsterdam and Berlin. No matter who won WWII, the ownership of the Thyssen holding companies could be shifted to whichever side came out on top.
It really is not fair to say that any of the Robber Barons were “pro-Nazi” since they actually preferred the conservative Monarchists and Catholics to Hitler. Hitler knew that he was disliked, and the first thing he did when he became head of the government was to ban foreign ownership of German companies.
In response, the Robber Barons used their influence to pass the Swiss Bank Secrecy Act of 1933. The Wall Street crowd secretly owned the stocks of the Swiss Banks, which owned the stocks of the German banks, which owned the stocks of the German companies. Hitler never knew how the Thyssens and their Wall Street investors kept their financial control intact, at least not until after war broke out, and the Wall Street ties to a third group of terrorists was finally exposed.
After the Russian Revolution it was the Harrimans, staunch Democrats, who secretly bankrolled the Russian minority party (the Bolsheviks) against the Majority Mensheviks. Despite the fact that American troops were in Russia trying to prop up the pro-democracy Mensheviks, the Harrimans began illegal gold shipments to Lenin and his Bolshevik party. The Bolsheviks promised to continue the former Czar’s policy of condoning cartels. Russia had raw materials such as magnesium and iron ore, while the Thyssens had access to high-tech steel and chemical processes to turn the raw materials into steel.
A decision was made for the Robber Barons to fund a German-Russian industrial park in eastern Poland. The Russian rail gauges were different from the European, so the park had to be close to the Russian border, but near coal fields. In order to help solve the rail problem, a series of canals were constructed to permit the Russians to barge raw materials to the Vistula River. The Polish province of Silesia was selected as the site of that industrial park because of its access to the Vistula and its proximity to huge coal deposits. The Silesian American Coal Company was managed by the Harrimans, with Prescott Bush on the board. Funding Hitler was a bipartisan event.
The future industrial park was planned for the town of Oswieczim, or Auschwitz as it was called by the Germans. Holocaust scholars have never even suspected that Auschwitz was originally planned as a profit center for Wall Street, but it was. During the last four years independent filmmaker Claire Ragge has done a thorough inquiry into the newly declassified files on the men who funded Hitler. Her film, tentatively titled “American Secrets” should be ready for release in 2011, along with a website listing each historical document sourcing each of the film’s allegations. Ms. Ragge has done a remarkable job, and has uncovered many secrets that would otherwise have escaped public scrutiny.
World's Highest (Most Wasteful, Unsustainable) "Standard of Living" — ...There's no way like the American way", 1937