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Mafia & Music Industry

How the Mafia used to control the music industry (And maybe they still do...)

Hit Men: Power Brokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business
Dick Asher | Wikipedia

Wages of Spin: Dick Clark, American Bandstand and the Payola ScandalsTrailer 1 Trailer 2

The Wages of Spin chronicles The Philadelphia Music Scene from 1952 thru 1963. The film focuses primarily on Dick Clark, The Genesis of [American] Bandstand, The Congressional Payola Hearings in 1960 and Payola. This is the first honest, comprehensive look at the inner workings of The Music Industry during this time frame.
— IMDb Internet Movie Database

Wages of Spin II spins new record on an old song: Payola
Wages of Spin II "Bring Down That Wall" Trailer"
New Doc Alleges Ronald Reagan Blocked Probe Into Lew Wasserman’s Mafia Ties
Film Spotlights Troubled MCA Probe

The 'Wages of Spin II continues to weave the narrative thread established with the acclaimed (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, over 1000 PBS affiliate airings-featured on Entertainment Tonight) first installment. Little do millions of Americans know that in the 1970's and 1980's, the soundtracks of their lives were handpicked by a seedy consortium of Record Label Executives, Promotion Men, Organized Crime Figures and their cronies and Radio Programmers.
WOS II also explores a DOJ investigation into MCA that was shut down by The DOJ hierarchy and the quid pro quo history of Ronald Reagan and MCA and how that relationship impacted the aforementioned DOJ investigation and the relationship of several key members of Reagan's hierarchy and MCA and MCA executives and organized crime families.
— IMDb Internet Movie Database

Why did the Mafia love the music business? ...
   Meyer Lansky | Wikipedia
   The Chicago Outfit (aka The Outfit)
   Jules Stein | Wikipedia
   Lew Wasserman | Wikipedia
   MCA | Wikipedia (aka Music Corporation of America)
   Sidney Korshak | Wikipedia
   Ronald Reagan | Wikipedia — Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob
   Morris Levy | Wikipedia — Godfather of the Music Business: Morris Levy
   “The Network” and the independent promotion scandal (aka Payola scandal | Wikipedia)
   Me, the Mob, and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James & The Shondells]]

Technological Music Homogenization

Scientists Just Discovered Why All Pop Music Sounds Exactly the Same
Pop music is actually getting more and more homogeneous. ...As something becomes popular, it necessarily dumbs down and becomes more formulaic. becoming increasingly formulaic in terms of instrumentation under increasing sales numbers due to a tendency to popularize music styles with low variety and musicians with similar skills.

How a mining engineer’s invention made pop singers all sound the same
...pop music has indeed been pretty homogenous throughout its history and is becoming ever more so. ..The complexity of each genre of music over time was compared to its sales. And almost always, as genres increase in popularity, they also become more generic. ...between 1955 and 2010, songs had become louder and less varied in terms of their musical structure. ...the perception among many listeners is that this homogenisation of music has taken a big leap forward in recent years. And there are a couple of important technological developments that have made this happen. ...The loudness war [like in advertising, to stand out amidst the 'clutter', and] ...Auto-Tune

Music for Good or Evil?

Breaking Glass with Sound
Filtering Water with Acoustics Nanotube Technology | NASA
Vibration, Energy, and Water
Agrisonics: New concept plants growth

Good Vibrations — The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations | YouTube

Siren (mythology) | Wikipedia —
Sirens of Greek mythology represent the dangers of “music” (artificial human orchestrated sound), something totally ignored by the inanity of Modernity, which vulgarizes everything through the commodification of all for moneymaking (love of money, materialism, mammon worship). Contrast insipid amusement-entertainment (but ultimately moneymaking) and detrimental effects of modern music with Byzantine chant.

Scientists Prove That Pop Music Is Literally Ruining Our Brains
An Analysis of Why Modern Music Is So Awful
10 Surprising Ways Music Can Be Bad For You
How music can change the way you feel and act
The Negative Effects Of Music On Our Moods

Music of The Family of Man

Through the ages, every ethnicity has created unique forms of music that exhibit incredible human creativity stemming from human creation in the image and likeness of God the Creator of all. Music of The Family of Man is transfigured into unity of the Cosmos when it becomes Music of The Family of God-Man, when humans become Children of God and chant praises to Him in their native tongues, and in one and same liturgical celebration of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Traditional Christianity (Eastern Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy).

African Music

Asian Music

Celtic-British Music

First Peoples Music

Franco-Roman Music

Grecian-Balkan Music

Semitic Music

Slavic Music

Spanish-Latino Music

Teutonic Music

Heirs of the Reformation: Treasures of the Singing Church
Martin Luther: Hymns, Ballads, Chants, Truth

Johann Walter 1496-1570 | Wikipedia
Michael Praetorius 1571-1621 | Wikipedia
   Lutheran Mass For Christmas Morning | YouTube
   Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her | YouTube
   Es Ist ein Ros' entsprungen | YouTube
   Lo, how a Rose e’er blooming | YouTube
   A Great and Mighty Wonder | YouTube
   Savior of the Nations, Come | YouTube
   The Lord Ascendeth Up On High | YouTube
Heinrich Schütz 1585-1672 | Wikipedia
Paul Gerhardt 1607-1676 | | Wikipedia
   O Lord, How Shall I Meet You | YouTube
   Come, Your Hearts and Voices Raising | YouTube
   O Sacred Head, Now Wounded | YouTube
   Awake, My Heart, with Gladness | YouTube
   Now Rest beneath Night's Shadow | YouTube
   Rejoice, My Heart, Be Glad And Sing
Dieterich Buxtehude 1637-1707 | Wikipedia
   Lord, keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word

Jams' Northern German traditions
20 Best-Loved German Folk Songs
A piece of Hoamat a piece of tradition
For us, that is both our motto and mission.
On Schwany 3 you only hear down-to-earth folk music from Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland.
Whether Tanzlmusi, Gsangl or Stub`nmusi, this is the music from the 3er